As a fitness professional, keeping your NFPA Certification current by expanding your knowledge is not only an industry standard, but also an excellent way to stay inspired. Because being a fitness professional is a practice, increasing your knowledge through continuing education is not only a necessity for certification maintenance, it also enables you an opportunity to learn new training techniques. As a NFPA fitness professional, your clients and their families trust your current knowledge of training techniques will produce a safe, results based exercise program. NFPA Professionals are responsible for completing continuing education credits for their own professional competence. There is no limit to the number of CEC hours that can be obtained in any particular activity. This renewal packet contains the information to renewing your NFPA Certification.

If you have any questions regarding your renewal please feel free to contact us at 1-866-699- NFPA, or on the web at


  1. Submission of the CEC certificates of completion

  2. Current CPR/AED card

  3. Renewal Fees

  4. Petition Fee (If applicable)

  5. Late CERTIFICATION Fee (if applicable)


1. CEC Requirements

NFPA requires a minimum of 10 CEC hours to be acquired annually. A minimum of 4 of the 10 required CEC’s must be from NFPA provided live workshops, seminars, or online correspondence courses. Any CEC’s obtainined outside of NFPA must be petitioned for by submitting a Petition Form and a fee of $20. CEC hours in excess of the required amount cannot be carried over to the next certification period. If you are certified in additional NFPA certifications (2 or more), you must complete at least 5 additional CEC hours. A total of 15 annual for 2 or more certifications is required. Your certification status with the NFPA will not be renewed until the CEC requirements have been met.

2. Current CPR/AED card

  • CEC Submission

NFPA Professionals must submit their completed CEC’s at the end of their certification expiration date. DO NOT submit credits as you receive them. NFPA Professionals can submit an online form through our website or the downloadable form on the website, printed, filled out (Certification Renewal Form) and mailed to the NFPA offices. Acceptable documentation includes copies (do not send originals) of certificates of completion, transcripts, or other forms of official documentation where the number of credits/ hours can be verified. Please do not submit your renewal packet any earlier than 6 weeks prior to your renewal date. A new certificate will be issued after all renewal requirements have been received and approved. Incomplete renewal packets will not be accepted. CEC hours are a requirement to maintain your certification as an NFPA Fitness Professional. Failure to meet the CEC requirements at the time of renewal will result in non-renewal of your certification status. Once the requirements are met, you may submit the complete application with the late fee (if applicable). 

College or Educational programs in the health and fitness industry

  1. Educational portions of fitness industry meetings or seminars: national convention, state, local, or regional meetings (One [1] CEC hour for each 60 minutes of participation.)

  2. Educational portions of programs sponsored by organizations or vendors on topics that maintain, update, or increase and enhance knowledge of skills relevant to the fitness profession (One [1] CEC hour for each 60 minutes of participation)

  3. Health and fitness courses attended for credit, including guided independent study and residential college or university courses. Courses taken in pursuit of associates, baccalaureate, masters, or doctoral degrees, which are relevant to the profession, are acceptable. All coursework and final examinations must be completed by the end of your active cycle.

  4. CEC hours for every one [1] college quarter credit. Six [6] CEC hours of every one [1] college semester credit.

Waiver of CEC Requirements: There are unique circumstances that may arise where members are unable to meet the CEC requirements. An individual temporarily or permanently unable to complete the required CEC hours due to unusual circumstances, must contact the NFPA offices. Examples: military service, hospitalization, etc. 

  • CPR Requirements 

All NFPA Professionals are required to keep a current basic adult CPR/AED certification. If your CPR/AED expires before your certification, you are responsible for updating your CPR/AED status. A live hands-on CPR certification is required for your initial certification. For renewal of your CPR/AED status, a live or online renewal process is acceptable. For fitness professionals that carry their own general liability insurance, check with your insurance provider before taking any online CPR courses. 

3. Renewal Fee

Fees must be paid at the time of renewal. If an NFPA Professional has more than one certification, the renewal dates will be combined. The new renewal date will reflect the date of earliest renewal.

1 certification - $50.00

2 certifications - $75.00

3 certifications - $100.00

Certification Renewal Fees

4. Petition Fee (if applicable)

5. Late Certification Fee (if applicable)

Failure to complete the CEC requirements by the expiration date of the certificate will result in the non-renewal of the certification. We encourage you to complete continuing education requirements on time. A late fee will be assessed for applications not met by the expiration date. The late fee is in addition to the renewal fee.

1-60 days - $30.00

61-90 days - $50.00

91-120 days - $75.00

121-365 days - $100.00

Late Fees

13-24 months - Reinstatement Home Study Course



Applicants must submit a current CPR/AED card. If applicable - CEC Petition Form with documentation of course and certificate of completion to the NFPA offices via email or mail.

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A total of 10 CEC hours are required annually for certification renewal. Six (6) of your required 10 CEC's must be from NFPA live workshops, or online CEC correspondence courses. If you obtain CEC's from other organizations, you must submit a CEC petition Application Form for approval.


If your certification status has expired for more than 1 year, you must apply for reinstatement via Reinstatement Home Study Courses. Upon completion a new certification will be sent out. The new expiration date on your certification will reflect your reinstatement date, not your original certification date. Once the completed renewal packet is received, your certificate will be renewed with the expiration date reflecting the last day of the month of the renewal submission.