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NFPA Personal Trainer Certification Seminars and Courses are recommended, but not required for you to take the NFPA Personal Trainer Certification Examination. The NFPA Seminars and Home Study materials are extremely informative, easy to understand and beneficial in giving you the knowledge and understanding needed to not only passing the NFPA Examination, but move forward with a successful career as a fitness professional.

  • Members – any individual who has registered and completed the live certification seminar.

  • Non-Members – any individual who has not registered and attended the live certification seminar.


  • Must be 18 years of age – and provide valid Identification

Personal Trainer Exam Options
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Self-Study Exam (at home)    

  • $299

  • $229 - Discount with Live Seminar

Online Exam  

  • $249

  • $229 - Discount with Live Seminar