What are the qualifications for becoming certified?

You must be 18 years of age with a valid ID to become a certified personal trainer.

How do I begin?

  • Choose which fitness certification is best for you. Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, or Indoor Cycle Instructor Certifications.
  • Purchase the course you want.
  • Take the exam and pass with a 75% or higher.
  • Show record of your adult CPR.
  • Receive certificate of certification

Do I need to purchase the study materials separately?

No. All of the courses include the study materials needed. There are no additional fees for study materials.

Do I have to have CPR certification to be certified?

Yes. You can sit in the seminars, complete the personal training course and take the test but you cannot receive results or your certificate until proof of adult CPR is forwarded to the NFPA offices, no exceptions.

What is required to get my certificate?

Students must have a passing score of 70% or higher of either live seminar exams or Home Study.  On the live seminar testing, you must pass the labs, and on the Home Study Course, you must pass the case study scenario section.  These testing procedures are pass/fail.  Students must submit a copy of an adult CPR/AED certification card to the NFPA offices.



What is the cost of the fitness seminars?

Certified Personal Trainer:  $350 (seminar only)

Group Fitness Instructor:    $279 (seminar & test)

Indoor Cycling Instructor:    $269 (seminar & test)

Can I enroll for a seminar online?

Yes.  All seminars, home study courses, correspondence courses, and study materials can be obtained online.

How do I register for a live workshop?

Registration can be made either online or by downloading the registration PDF file.

What is the cancellation policy if I am unable to attend?

Cancellation requests made within 30 to 7 days prior to the scheduled course, will result in a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellation requests made within 7 days prior to the scheduled course, a $150 cancellation fee will be applied. If a student wishes to transfer to another seminar, a $50 transfer fee will be applied.  All certification materials are non-refundable after cancellation.

What is the refund policy?

Requests for refund of a workshop or certification 30 or more days prior will result in a full reimbursement. There are no refunds after the scheduled course date.

What do I need to bring and what do I wear?

Students attending the seminar need to bring their receipt of registration, course manual, writing materials, notepads, calculator, and copy of their CPR/AED card.  Students who do not have their CPR/AED card can attend the seminar and test (if applicable), but a certificate cannot be issued until a copy of the CPR/AED card is forwarded to the NFPA offices.  Students need to dress casual and comfortably.  Sections of the seminar will be on the fitness equipment, so no jeans or open toe shoes.



How much does the Home Study Course cost?

The Certified Personal Trainer Home Study Course is $495

What comes with the home study course?

Personal Trainer Resource Manual

Study Guide

CPT Exam

Do I need to submit the workbook that comes with the home study course?

No.  The workbook is to provide assistance on retention of knowledge of the course material.  Experience has shown that individuals who use the “Exam Preparatory Workbook” obtain a greater understanding of the course material and exam.How do I purchase the home study course?The Home Study Certification Course can be purchased online.

Do I need to attend a live workshop to become certified?

No.  The NFPA Home Study Certification course is designed for individuals who either cannot attend live workshops or having a difficult time fitting it into their schedules.  This option allows individuals to study at their own pace.

How long do I have to complete my home study course?

1 year from the purchase date.

What happens if I do not complete my course in the allotted time?

If you have not earned your certification at the conclusion of your 1 year period, you will be required to re-enroll.  All course materials are updated and reviewed annually.



What are my testing options?

  • Live proctored testing
  • Home study exam

What is the format for the live test?

  • 100 question multiple choice
  • Resistance training lab
  • 2 case study scenario questions

What is the format for the home study testing?

  • 100 question written questions (multiple choice and fill-in the blank)
  • 4 case study scenario questions

What do I have to score to pass the fitness exam?

75% is required for the written examination. The labs and case study scenarios for the live seminars are graded as “pass or fail” by NFPA staff. The home study case scenarios are also graded as “pass or fail” by NFPA staff.

How long do I have before submitting the home study exam?

1 year from the purchase date.

When can I expect my results after testing?

2-3 weeks

How do I receive my Live or Home Study testing results?

All testing results will be sent by U.S. mail.

Can I expect my results if I do not have a CPR certification?

No. You can sit and test, but cannot receive results or certificate until proof of adult CPR is in the NFPA offices, either by mail, email, or fax.

What are my options if I do not pass the test?

Live Proctored Testing: you are only required to retest on the section that you did not pass.  The first retest is at no charge.  Any retests following that are $75
 Home Study Testing:  You will be notified by letter of the section that needs to be resubmitted.  The first resubmission will be free of charge.  Any additional resubmissions are $75.




What qualifies as a Continuing Education Credit (CEC)?

1 CEC credit is equal to 1 education hour of instruction. All CEC’s must be taken through NFPA, or can be petitioned by filling out the CEC Petition Form. You can read more about the Continuing Education Credit on this website.

How many CEC’s do I have to have annually?

A total of 10 approved Continuing Education Credit (CEC) hours must be acquired annually to renew your fitness certification. If you are certified in two or more credentials, you will only need a total of 10 CEC’s. A total of 4 of your 10 required CEC’s must be NFPA workshops. You may also obtain CEC’s through other approved workshops. You must submit a petition application form for approval.

How do I obtain CEC’s for my certification?

• Continuing education credits (CEC’s) can be earned the following ways after you become certified:

• Attending professional education meetings or workshops that offer CEC’s from NFPA or other nationally recognized organizations.

• NFPA also offers correspondence courses through the continuing education section.

• Taking and receiving a passing grade in a health or fitness or exercise science related course from an accredited college or university.

• Teaching or instructing health, fitness, or clinical lecturers in an organized professional conference.

If I earn more than the required annual credits, will the extra CEC’s carry over to the next renewal period?

No. Because of the new information that is always evolving in the field of exercise and fitness.

What will I receive to confirm I have taken a qualified CEC course?

Upon completion of any NFPA continuing education course or seminar, students will receive a certification of completion to confirm completion of the qualified course. For college or university courses, students will need to obtain a copy of their transcripts.

Can I attend another NFPA certification for continuing education?

Yes. Students can enroll in any of the other certification programs and earn the required annual CEC ‘s necessary. Students must complete the seminar requirements.

What do I do if my CEC’s are not from NFPA?

Applicants who did not obtain CEC’s from NFPA or an approved provider will need to submit a petition application. Petition applications are included in your recertification packets, available upon request, or can be obtained on our continuing education credit section.



What is the renewal process for my fitness certification?

To ensure ongoing competency and to maintain a high standard as a NFPA certified professional, every NFPA credential is reviewed on an annual basis. The NFPA accepts recertification applications up to the certification expiration date. If the recertification application is received 30 or more days after the expiration date a $30 late fee will be imposed. TheNFPA office reviews all recertification packets utilizing the check list below:

  • complete certification renewal application
  • payment included
  • photocopy of your NFPA certificate
  • the correct number of continuing education credits
  • copies of materials or completion of workshop attended
  • continuing education credits supplied by approved providers
  • copy of current CPR certification
  • petition application included if applicable

After I submit my paperwork for recertification, what can I expect?

After the Member Recertification Application Packet is reviewed and processed, a letter informing them of the recertification acceptance, a current certificate, and new recertification packet will be issued. If applications are incomplete, the applicant does not have the correct number of CEC’s, or they are not from an accepted provider, or applications do not contain proper payment amounts, the applicant will be notified by letter from the NFPA informing them of their status. Applicants are given 30 days to complete their fitness recertification application before they assessed a late charge.

What if my certification lapses?

Late recertification applications are accepted up to 24 months post expiration and applicants are assessed a late fee. All applications exceeding the 24 months must complete the CPT Reinstatement Home Study Course or re-apply and retest for the NFPA certification. If your certification lapses for more than 24 months, you must re-apply and retest for the NFPA certification.

1 – 60 days = $30

60 – 90 days = $50

90 – 120 days = $75

120 days – 24 mo. = CPT Reinstatement Home Study Course

24+ months = Reapply and retest

What is the cost of the CPT Reinstatement Home Study Course?

The cost of the CPT Reinstatement Home Study Course is $265. 


Contact the National Fitness Professionals Association if you have more questions or require additional information. We'd love to hear from you.