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Host a Workshop for Certification


Bring NFPA Personal Trainer Certification, Youth Fitness Trainer Certification, Group Fitness Instructor, and Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Seminars to your facility.

National Fitness Professionals Association (NFPA) is a nationally recognized network of fitness professionals providing education to the fitness industry since 1985. Our certifications and workshops are presented by Fitness Professionals with health and fitness degrees in addition to years of practical experience. NFPA offers Personal Trainer Certification, Youth Fitness & Performance Trainer Certification, Aerobic/Group Fitness Instructor Certification, and Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification.

Individuals who posses or seek to gain the following character traits will enjoy and find success as a NFPA fitness professional.

  • Ability to communicate and relate to others.
  • Self-motivated and able to motivate others.
  • Passionate about helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.
  • Always mindful and active in maintaining a safe exercise environment for all fitness levels.
  • A drive to increase in knowledge as well as understanding new safe training techniques in their chosen area(s) of fitness.

NFPA is committed to a higher standard of education to produce fitness professionals that are competent and confident after completing their certification. The NFPA fitness trainer is educated in designing safe and effective exercise programs to produce positive changes in their students or clients.

Responsibilities of the NFPA:

  • NFPA provides professional certified and qualified presenters for said programs.
  • NFPA provides certification manuals, materials, and handouts for the program being held.
  • NFPA will be responsible for all registrations and processing of all payments for said programs.
  • NFPA will make available to the Facility all contact information.
  • NFPA staff will represent the Facility in a professional manner.
  • All NFPA manuals and materials will be provided to the selected individual.
  • NFPA provides one complimentary certification tuition to the Facility. (10 student minimum-paid in full)
  • A second complimentary tuition with a minimum of 15 participants.
  • A third complimentary tuition with a minimum of 20 participants.
  • NFPA agrees to indicate, at time of final event confirmation, number of complimentary certifications made available to the Facility.
  • NFPA agrees to have all participants sign a waiver of liability to release the Facility and NFPA from any and all liability if injury, and provide copies to the Facility.
  • NFPA agrees to provide Facility with promotional materials (i.e. posters, brochures, etc.)

Responsibilities of the FACILITY:

  • Facility shall provide, without charge, adequate and appropriate space to conduct NFPA programs including:
  • Designated education room free of noise or distraction with the ability to accommodate 20 to 40 individuals.
  • Additional facility space as required for the specific NFPA program and agreed to by the Facility and NFPA.

· Personal Trainer – Fitness Floor
· Youth Fitness Trainer – Fitness Floor
· Group Fitness Instructor – Group Exercise Room
· Indoor Cycling Instructor – Indoor Cycle Bikes

  • Facility agrees to provide internal promotion of agreed upon NFPA programs. Such promotion includes staff, students, and immediate campus community.