the nfpa advantage


Too often there is a disconnect in teaching the science and applying the science to your exercise program. Our focus is not just giving you the most up-to-date fitness science to study, but giving you hands-on practical training that facilitates a connection between current science and practical application. The opportunity to receive hands-on training will give you further confidence and experience that is truly obtained from interaction between the master instructor and you the student.

A firm foundation is an essential part to build a solid successful career as a fitness professional. That foundation is built on understanding the “why and how to” of designing a smart, safe exercise program.  Your level of competence can be scrutinized at any time based on your ability to not only cue a movement correctly, but also your ability to explain why an exercise is performed a specific way.  Knowledge is power, but without understanding, you will lack the foundation to build on.

In addition, it is important to not only look at the initial cost of your certification, but also the ease of obtaining continuing education credits as well as its cost effectiveness. The NFPA presents several live workshops each year as well as online educational material to aid in maintaining your certification.

We are one of the few to offer not only live training, but live testing as well. Our testing is not only designed to assess your knowledge, but offers a learning experience in the case study portion of the personal training exam. We offer an open line of communication to our members; any questions or issues that may arise, we are happy and available to help.

The NFPA staff and education materials are second to none! We are passionate about our mission.