why Choose us?


Will you spend more money on a certification that leaves you with more questions than answers?

Will you study for an exam that partially connects the study material?

This has been the typical complaint we’ve heard over the years. Students come to us discouraged by their experience with other fitness certification organizations’ complicated materials & study guides that fail to corespondent with the test (not to mention the cost). As disheartening as that is, the worst part is they learned next to nothing about how to use the science to produce a training program that will give their clients the results they are paying for. The science involved in all certifications can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be. We pride ourselves on the abundance & wealth of information in our materials that provide the foundation of science needed to grow into a successful fitness professional. Our materials provide not only the foundational science but also the practical information that connect the science to the programming with full illustration.

On the other side of the spectrum are the minimal certifications. The certification that offers very little instruction and an easy to pass test with a small price tag. The truth is, knowing the minimum puts not only a client at risk, but the trainer or instructor as well. Take pride in learning the most, not the minimum and you will have a long successful career as a fitness professional.

Final point to consider is recertification. The NFPA recertification cost are reasonable & straight forward. When you look into a certification, it’s important to consider the cost and ease of recertification.

Bottom line, don’t spend more to learn less. Make the BEST choice, chose NFPA!